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Drum Circles

Arthur Hull is the founder of Village Music Circles.  In just one 3 day session I have added so much to what I can do with a group of people and percussion instruments. Release stress and find a new rhythm to life.

World Music Drumming

Founded by Will Schmid just over 20 years ago, World Music Drumming has breathed new life into school music programs around the world.  Will's infectious smile, great attitude about life and working together, and his many 

skills as a musician/teacher/composer/arranger will be remembered by all who have studied his program. Will, 

your legacy lives on through all who gather in the circle.

Founder’s Notes 

Everyone remembers life changing events. Attending  World Music Drumming and Drum Circle Facilitator courses were both milestones in my teaching career. They changed the way I related to my students and opened new worlds of possibilities in my classrooms.

Lois Reese 

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